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Premium  Architectural Metal Cladding Systems

These benefits of architectural metal cladding systems make it an easy choice for designing a unique and modern project for both exterior and interior renovations. Partnering with a top manufacturer and technical designer will help any commercial or residential product come to realization!

Aluminum composite

Metal cladding systems

By: Jason Crawford  | June 9, 2016

Nortem panels

 There are many benefits to choosing an architectural metal cladding system for both interior and exterior use. They offer a modern design with may practical applications. Metal panels are durable, strong and extremely versatile.  The reduced weight-to-strength ratio is another attractive benefit as well for designers. Due to the light weight of aluminium, there are endless design possibilities with different shapes, colours, textures and finishes… just to name a few! It’s a perfect way to add exciting accents or focal points to residential or commercial renovation or new build projects.


 Get Creative! Vast Design and Colour Options – metal panels can be installed in vertical and horizontal directions with many different colour and texture options. Aluminum in particular is often used because it’s more malleable than steel. Colour finishes are more than just a coat of paint. Leading manufacturers use a specialized coating on exterior metal panels to help protect against various weather conditions. Canadian climate is drastically dynamic and from coast to coast, architectural metal cladding systems offer a energy efficient weather barrier to protect the structure’s integrity.


  Versatile for Any Project – metal cladding systems can be installed on a variety of different substrates. For new builds, these often include:

Concrete, concrete blocks

Heavy glass


For renovation projects, cladding systems will also be a good choice and will work with:





 Top manufacturers are "in the know” when it comes to industry trends and designs. Innovative companies will provide solutions and be able to partner with clients to create a visually aesthetic and structurally sound design. Metal cladding systems also come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to accommodate any dream design.


  Environmentally Friendly – architectural metal cladding systems appeal to businesses and families committed to reducing their carbon footprint. Aluminium panels use recyclable materials and can furthermore be recycled at the end of their usage. However, that is likely many years from now as most panel cladding systems are built to last for 50 years! Aluminium recycling is a far more efficient practice than extracting metal through mining practices.


  Durable Metal Cladding is in for the Long Haul – Architectural metal cladding systems are particularly durable in exterior practices. The metal panels and the mounting systems upon which they are installed are resistant to water damage and harsh weather exposure. Manufacturers use specialized paint and coatings designed to withstand the most drastic of impact. Canadian climate ranges from chilling cold in the winter to either dry or humid heat in the summer time… and everything in between, making it top choice functionally.




Worth Far More than its Weight! The lightweight properties of the metal cladding systems are very beneficial. Load requirements for structural components are lessened and this will lower construction costs. For interior uses, metal panels are lighter than drywall or other materials while maintaining rigidity. And, due to the lightweight properties of metal panel cladding systems, installation is considerably easier and efficient. Larger areas can be covered in a much shorter amount of time.

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